Benefits of Pet Ownership During Retirement

Nov 18, 2016

Retired life can get quiet sometimes. That’s why a lot of people turn to pets during retirement. And rightly so—pets are known to improve quality of life at all ages. See four benefits of pet ownership during retirement to find out if a pet may be right for you.

The Facts on Pets

Did you know owning a pet (especially a dog) can lower your risk of heart disease? And that’s just one of the many physical benefits of owning a pet. Animals can also lower your blood pressure and improve stress levels.

Overall, pets are statistically proven to be good for our overall well-being. In a pet ownership study among elderly individuals, those with dogs or cats were better able to perform everyday activities like preparing meals, walking up stairs and taking medication.

Pets Get You Moving

Cat | Benefits of Pet Ownership During RetirementNot working on a schedule could lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Pets combat that by getting you out of the house. This is a good opportunity to routinely get your joints moving and your body sweating!

The endorphins released during your exercise will work to reduce stress and ease pain. Dealing with chronic pain? A small pet may be right for you!

Pets Offer Companionship

It’s no mystery why people are drawn to pets. The companionship and love they offer is incomparable. Whether it be a fish, bird, lizard, horse, cat or dog, animals offer a sense of comfort in times of loneliness and depression.

Pets Improve Mental Health

Pets are known to have a positive impact on our mood. That’s why they’re commonly used for therapy. Those with pet companionship during retirement tend to being more socially active and less anxious.

The responsibility of looking after a pet also adds value and importance to our daily lives. Being a caregiver can be therapeutic and is a major draw of getting a pet during retirement.

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