How to Protect Financial Assets During Retirement - Catch the Scammers - Manage Medicare Expenses

How to Protect Financial Assets During Retirement

Dec 16, 2016 |

Retirement should be a time of bliss—not a time spent stressing about daily finances. You don’t have to feel restricted by your fixed income so long as you take the right steps to protect yourself. If you’re ready to get smart about your retirement fund, we’ll show you how to protect your financial assets during retirement in three ways.

Be Conservative with Withdrawals

You never want to risk your retirement income. You should only be withdrawing money from your retirement account for what’s essential. If you’re unsure of what the “right” amount is to withdraw from your plan each month, you can speak with a professional financial planner.

Catch the Scammers

Stethoscope and WalletHaving retirement money to spend is great, but it also attracts the frauds. Retired folks are commonly targeted by financial and investment frauds, and even healthcare scams.

To learn about the top scams targeted towards seniors, check out this article by Bankrate: 8 Costly Scams That Target Senior Citizens

Manage Medicare Expenses

Here’s the deal with healthcare expenses—they go up as we age. It’s just a fact of life. Here’s why:

  • We decline in health as we age, so we need more medical treatment.
  • Medical services increase in price and Medicare benefits change yearly.
  • The life expectancy of Americans aged 65 years and older has been on the rise and is expected to double in population by 2030. This means we’ll need more care for longer, increasing our long-term healthcare costs.

So, what can you do to prevent the inevitable?

You can have a Medicare plan with an affordable premium and coverage for your unique healthcare needs.

We at AGA Medicare Options take our jobs of maximizing your retirement dollars seriously. That’s why we team you up with a knowledgeable agent in your area who can inform you on many Medicare plans, not just one or two. You have access to our agents all year-round. Plus, no broker fees.

Find Out How You Much You Can Be Saving

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